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The Highest Quality HEMP-DERIVED CBD oil.  Available in two concentrations 500mg and 750mg of active Cannabidiol (CBD).

It is free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients. There are 3 flavors Natural, Peppermint and Cinnamon.

There is also THC Free in the peppermint flavor.

CBD OIL and treats for your pets


The dog treats contain 2.5mg of active full spectrum CBD.  They are beef flavor and free of wheat,soy and corn.

For fast relief the HempWorx 250mg CBD oil contains 5 mg of active CBD per serving and the bacon flavor makes it appealing to both cats and dogs.

Relief pain rub and facial creams


        All three are THC free!

Relief Pain Rub contains 80mg of active CBD. Infused with Emu oil and other powerful ingredients.

Renew Facial Cream is an Anti-aging cream and contains 50mg of active CBD.  Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Revive Cream is infused with Collagen retinol and a great benefit for your skin. This also contains 50mg of CBD.




This Keto-friendly Hemp-infused coffee has a Delicious Bold Taste. Has 5mg of Hemp Oil Extract per cup.  Cruelty Free, Gluten Free and Non GMO. Arabica Beans and Chaga Mushrooms. 

Also THC free



Every serving contains 5mg of Hemp-Derived CBD and packed with powerful ingredients to deliver a smooth, delicious, and healthy cup of coffee.

* Three Flavors: Mocha, Hazelnut,   Vanilla  

* Low Carb and No Sugar

* Gluten Free and Vegan

* 5mg of Hemp oil Extract per cup.

THC free as well



Lavender, Lemongrass, Sea Salt and Citrus.

100mg of Hemp Seed Oil and 10 mg  of Hemp Derived CBD

 Sample Packs

CBD oil (dietary supplement) can help with your pain and you can have better days!!!! Even if you feel good already the CBD oil will make you feel better..

I have chronic hip pain. I've been using the 500mg CBD oil since March 2018.  After using the dietary supplement for the first few days, I had to think if I was having any pain.  It is that amazing!!! I will also add that my Husband has been without the horrible head pain for over a year.    It is so wonderful for him to have his life back.   :) 

Now available Sample Packs for a very low price. 2 week supply of THC free peppermint CBD Oil and about a week or so of the Renew, Revive and Relief creams.  Click on the action button below to order your sample pack.

All I can say about this is it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

There are also products for your fur babies!!  "Oil and dog treats".

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You can't go wrong with the 60 day money back guarantee.........

even if the bottle is empty..  What a deal!!   (excluding the sample packs)

Powerful Sprays

Also check out these powerful nutritional sprays!!

*Trim365 helps with weight loss.

*Sleep helps release stress for deep sleep and improve sleep pattern.  

*Boost helps with increasing your energy. 

*Shield helps with preventing colds/flu, also helps hair and nails look healthier and strong.

*Peak helps improve general health and supports anti-aging. 

*Brain helps with focus,concentration and anxiety.

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